Cabrillo Racing Series
12th May 2013
The first event was a great success. We had a good turn out.
There were some people turning up from various places like San Diego, The Bay area,
Australia, and some of the locals to.
Also we had received within the last couple of weeks quite a few Emails of people interested in joining the series, but they could not make it for the first event of the series as it was mothers day.
The clinic was well attended, people were interested in finding out about how to make fast Gybes. The various techniques involved in gybing in a fleet was also of interest of everyone.
I dropped the buoys in position with my Slalom board.
Our friend Nina from San Diego helped Lyrah to go to the start line with the kayak and on taking the results. We had some problems with the anchor slipping so we had to postpone first start by 20 minutes. 
The wind was quite strong on Saturday but a bit light on the inside on Sunday..
The start required good balance to wait in the light wind area. However everyone was powered up at the start line. Lyrah did a great job of mastering the start sequence. The flags where clearly visible from the beach. All you had to do was to launch a few minutes before the start to reach to the start line in one reach. Both groups where well matched as each fleet was on the same reach at the finish in most cases. We had 3 good races. than just being fast in a straight line.

Unfortunately the start line kayak was moored to the life guard buoy as the anchor was to light. So we where asked to leave after running 3 races. When the life guard boat turned up.
Also we found out that we will need a permit to run our future races. Lyrah is working hard on the issue and we are optimistic that the solution will be found by the time of the next event on 16th June. Fingers crossed!!
It was great to start this racing series on the site of this years Nationals.
The guys had really enjoyed and we look forward to the next one.
Last but not list, we like to say a BIG thank you to Nina for donating her kayak and volunteering on helping with the smooth running of the starts and scoring...

See you all next time :)