12 May Race Results 

Series Standing - 3 races scored

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results saved: Friday, May 17, 2013 11:02:07 PM PDT

Division: Slalom (15 boats) (top)

PosSailSkipper 123Total
Entry Level
1d 6 MDominic Huber 2114.001
211Yigit Koktenturk 14/DNS4/DNF9.002
3WWayne Lue Chin 4/DNS4/DNS4/DNS12.003
1US 21Lynn Olinger 114/DNF6.001
2US 20Johanna Yee 24/DNS17.002
3XNina Walker 4/DNS4/DNS4/DNS12.003
Sports Class
17Mauro Jorand 1113.001
2S- 10Kelly Geygan 23/DNF3/DNS8.002
Top Flight
1GBR 451Xavier Ferlet 1113.001
2USA 291Dave Wittaker 3429.002
3CA 7Phillip Newmarch 52310.003
41Shaun Geer 28/DNS515.004
5USA 311Christopher Knapp 48/DNS416.005
6284Anders Petersson  65617.006
771Paul Stratfold 738/OCS18.00  7  




(1)Scoring System is ISAF Low Point 2009-2012
(2)Finishes in [brackets] denote throwouts
Information is provisional and subject to modification

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